Lighting track scholarships

Erasmus mobility scholarships

Applicants who start the IMLEX programme as self-funded students are eligible for Erasmus+ mobility scholarships for semester 2 of the programme onwards, both for the Lighting track and the Computational Imaging track. It is possible to apply for the mobility scholarship after the semester 1 start and not earlier. For information concerning these Erasmus grants please contact the IMLEX coordinator imlex[at]

KU Leuven semester 2 scholarship

Self-funded IMLEX Lighting track students of the student intake 2023 will be issued a one-time scholarship of 1500€ for the semester 2 in Gent. Eligible students will be defined during the semester 1.

KU Leuven Light and Lighting Lab scholarships

Self-funded students who choose to pursue the Master’s thesis at KU Leuven can apply for a “KULeuven Light and Lighting lab Scholarship” of max. 2500 euro in semester four of the IMLEX programme. For more information please contact fet[at]