Practical information for current students

Each student will sign a student agreement with the IMLEX consortium. Here you can see a template of the student agreement for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders and self funded students.
IMLEX EMJMD Student agreement template 2021

Instructions at the UEF

Kamu student handbook is the main source of information for UEF study related instructions and guidelines. Kamu Orientation page is highly recommended for all new students. In addition to the general orientation, IMLEX coordinator will send detailed information for the admitted students, and students have a Teams environment where they receive news of current issues and official documents.

Residence permits for non-EU/EEA IMLEX students

Here are the general instructions for the Finnish residence permit:

IMLEX consortium offers a travel and health insurance for the Erasmus Mundus funded students, Consortium scholarship holders and self funded students. The insurance documents will be sent to students soon after admission.

The IMLEX students from TUT need to have a valid insurance, following the Migri rules:

It is recommended to apply for the Finnish residence permit for student for the whole two-year study period . If you don’t have funding for the whole two-year period, you can apply the permit for the one-year period 1 September [year 1] – 30 September [year 2]. You will move to Japan in October of the second study year.

For the semester 2 in France or Belgium you can use a mobility notification, following the EU directive 2016/801. Personal instructions for the semester 2 mobility will be sent during the first semester. The process for the visa/residence permit to travel to Japan will be done during the first academic year.