We are in France

by Valeria Acevedo, 1st year student of IMLEX 2020

January 30th 2021 was our last day in Finland. From the IMLEX students that got to Joensuu to start the first semester, five of us would take a train to Helsinki and later the same day, a plane to Lyon. For the next morning, we would finally be in Saint Etienne, France.

It was a smooth trip, except for the masks and the paperwork needed derived from the Covid-19 pandemic. But we managed to get to Saint Etienne safe and sound.

The very next day classes were starting!
Our week began with our first meeting with the IMLEX academic coordinator, where we talked about all the exciting topics and projects the new semester would comprehend.
It’s been almost a month now since we got here, and from the third week of classes the university opted for an hybrid online-in site teaching method. Which means that everyone who is in Saint Etienne should attend the university and those who were and are still unable to come here have the opportunity to attend remote classes.

It’s been so nice to finally be in a classroom and meet our classmates again!

University Jean Monnet has great installations, and amazing technology that we will be able to try and work with in the coming months. We are already excited with all the opportunities that have been presented.

japanese language class