Semester start at UEF

by Laura Hurmalainen, IMLEX Coordinator at University of Eastern Finland

Semester 1 started one month ago for the second cohort of IMLEX students. The immigration process has been easier this year, and we have been happy to see most of the new student arrive at Joensuu on time. Teaching is still partly in hybrid mode and online, but classroom and lab teaching will be implemented more and more later during the semester.

river view joensuu

Autum colours in Joensuu, Pielisjoki river

It is very common to commute by bicycle in Joensuu, and you can see often very full bicycle parking areas around the university campus. The cycling routes by the riverside and through the forests are very beautiful this time of the year, and maintained all year around.

School of Computing is situated at Joensuu Science Park, and IMLEX programme activities mostly take place here. It serves as a business incubator, but also hosting a number of IT companies, and the largest upper secondary school of Joensuu.

Joensuu science park