XR and Innovation Talks

By Shani Israelov, IMLEX student of cohort 2022

I’m excited to share the highlights of the “XR Talks” event that I’ve been working on. The event took place on June 6th at the Manufacture Campus within the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne. The enthusiasm surrounding this event is evident, particularly due to the exceptional lineup of speakers we were fortunate to have. Be sure to take a look at the official event flyer and detailed schedule attached below for a sneak peek into the exciting discussions that took place.

programme of xr talks event
programme 2nd part of xr talks event

Throughout the day, centered on XR and Innovation, attendees enjoyed valuable insights, lots of inspiration, and a collaborative atmosphere. My gratitude extends to the remarkable speakers who generously volunteered their time and shared their expertise with our eager audience.

Blandine Masselin, an instructional engineer at the University of Bordeaux, captivated us with her insights into “Designing Effective VR Experiences for Learning” from an instructional designer’s perspective. Drawing from her expertise in both in-person and online learning, she shed light on active teaching methods through VR.

Alex Frêne, XR Developer and Founder of Otter Tech Studio, shared his wealth of experience dating back to 2012 in real-time experiences and VR since 2014. Alex’s passion for immersive technologies shone through as he described “XR Development Workflow,” providing a deeper understanding of the creative process behind XR development.

François Voron, CTO & Open-Source Maintainer, captivated the audience with his journey from a programmer to an entrepreneur. He shared hard truths and invaluable lessons from his experiences, taking us through the fascinating story of ProTournoi, the startup he co-founded during his Master’s Degree.

Mamadi Dioubate, a Unity Lead Developer and virtual reality enthusiast, discussed “XR Development Tools and Career Opportunities.” With over five years of expertise in creating extended reality applications, Mamadi provided invaluable insights into the world of XR development tools and the exciting career paths within the field.

xr talks participants

I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation to the IMLEX Erasmus Mundus Japan staff at UJM, particularly Prof. Philippe Colantoni and coordinator Crane Rogers, for their unwavering support in making this event a reality. A big thank you goes also to all the attendees whose active participation contributed to the success of the event. The open session that concluded the event sparked engaging discussions about the future of XR, considerations in game engine choices and ways to foster innovation and creativity.

Stay connected for upcoming events as we take our journey into the world of XR to TUT, Japan, in the near future.