IMLEX Days coming in January 2021 | 17 November 2020

First IMLEX Days will take place in Joensuu/online on 13-14 January 2021 (tentatively). During the two days, all IMLEX students, partner universities and companies will gather together and give presentations, have discussions and get to know each other. Details of the IMLEX Days will be added on this website later.

Lab sessions remotely and with multiple locations | 9 November 2020

What to do when Covid-19 prevents students from arriving on campus, or causes restrictions in lab teaching? The Advanced Spectral Imaging course has started at the University of Eastern Finland, and students need to learn how to learn Spectral Imaging at first hand. The students at Toyohashi University of Technology have their practical sessions at TUT laboratories, with co-supervision by UEF course instructor and TUT staff and senior students.

In addition, UEF is developing IMLEX related demos in the Sm4rtLab environment that will be used during the semester 2. Sm4rtLab is an example of future technology that can help industry and research in exceptional situations, or in everyday cooperation in multiple locations.

Semester 1 started at the UEF | 13 September 2020

First IMLEX students have arrived on campus, and all 17 students will begin their studies online either in Joensuu, Finland or at their home countries. Later during the semester there will be contact teaching at laboratories, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most teaching will be offered remotely.

IMLEX introduction video by TUT | 11 May 2020

Toyohashi University of Technology has published a video presenting IMLEX Programme. Video on Youtube