Quality assurance

IMLEX Quality Assurance

The consortium is organized as two separate authorities integrating all partners: an Academic and Management Board (AMB) and a Quality Assurance Board (QAB). The QAB is actively monitoring and developing the quality of the programme, and has members from the full partner universities and from industrial and associate academic partners. Student representative(s) from each cohort are recruited as full QAB members, and students can be in contact with the student representative if they wish to bring any topics to QAB discussions. The QAB alumni representative is Degly Pava Pava (dspavap[at]unal.edu.co). The representative for student cohort 2022 is Uzairu Abubakar (uzairabu[at]student.uef.fi). Representatives for 2023 cohort are Arein Daralnakhla (arein.daralnakhla[at]gmail.com) and Marta Pozzi (martamargheritapozzi[at]gmail.com).

The Quality Assurance System and Procedures Handbook (QASPH) is compiled and regularly updated by the Quality Assurance Board (QAB) to help monitoring, upgrading and improving the quality of the IMLEX programme. It is a reference guide for policies, procedures, principles and practices related to educational quality assurance in the IMLEX programme.

IMLEX Quality Assurance System and Procedures Handbook

IMLEX Quality Assurance Report 2022


IMLEX students and stakeholders are encouraged to give direct feedback on any issues that may arise. Communication and continuous dialogue between students, academic and other stakeholders are the core of the programme development.

If a students would like to make a written complaint for the IMLEX QAB, they can fill in the complaint form and return it to the IMLEX coordinator (imlex[at]uef.fi). The complaints will be handled and documented by the QAB.