Student stories

IMLEX students and alumni

Building a community is an important aspect of the IMLEX programme. Networking between student cohorts, alumni, academics and associate companies is valued high, as it will enhance the employability of the graduates and make the study experience memorable. IMLEX Linkedin page is one way to see IMLEX student and alumni activities.

Annual IMLEX Days will gather together the whole consortium, and this website presents the stories of IMLEX participants.

IMLEX students

So far, altogether 68 students have started their two-year Master’s studies in the student intakes 2020 – 2023. Half of the student group is from Japan, and other half from various countries: China, India, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey and USA to name but a few.

Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School at University Jean Monnet presents student stories of their IMLEX scholarship holders: Manutech-SLEIGHT website


IMLEX Consortium and the Erasmus Mundus programme aim to promote the professional and personal networking of its alumni. Students and graduates of the programme are encouraged to become a member in the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA).

IMLEX, as a new Master’s Programme, had first students graduating in the year 2022. Meanwhile, we are able to present some alumni stories of the related Erasmus Mundus Programmes.