Student selection

IMLEX student selection process

The admission process in the Master’s Degree Programme in Imaging and Light in Extended Reality aims at fair selection of high-quality applicants. Student selection is based on the application documents and evaluation how the applicant’s skills and competences gained by the previous academic studies correspond to the Master’s studies applied for. Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the programme.

Applicants will be ranked according to the selection criteria. The best 20 applicants are accepted to the program and the rest of the applicants are rejected. The programme may accept more applicants by discretion to fill the available study places in the programme.  Applicants are not placed on the waiting list.

Complete eligible applications will be evaluated by IMLEX Academic and Management Board members, grading each criterion for each application. The selection criteria are:

  • Recognition of home institution/recognized first degree (0 – 10 points)
  • Rank/grade/distinction (0 – 40 points)
  • Letters of recommendation (0-10 points)
  • Personal motivation (0-20 points)
  • Adequate academic courses, experience, former international mobility (0-20 points)
    • Maximum total points are 100.

Among the criteria used for the selection of IMLEX applicants, the following aspects will be considered:

Academic records: Excellence of the candidate: outstanding achievement in the applicant’s BSc degree level (i.e. 180 ECTS in the EU system) or equivalent, in a relevant field of study. The applicants must have at least a C average on the ECTS grading scale or equivalent (e.g. GPA, CGPA) during their undergraduate studies;

Motivation: Applicants must clearly explain their present situation, the reasons why they are applying, their interest in our program, their ideas of applied research, and their professional development plan.

Adequate academic courses: The relevant fields that will give points in the evaluation process are (list is not exhaustive, also other topics can be considered as merit) mathematics, physics, data structures and algorithms, programming skills, imaging, XR, computer graphics, electronics and lighting. In addition to academic studies, skills gained from work experience or other studies can be taken into consideration.

The list of selected students will be finalized during the selection meeting. The ranking list is made according to the total score. Whenever two or more applicants have the same total points, the admission committee can take into account the gender balance of the students. If this is not necessary, the one who has higher score in academic excellence will be placed first.

The final ranking of the applications will be defined in the selection committee meeting. The selection result and ranking will be sent to the applicants latest on 12 April 2024.