Student selection

IMLEX student selection process

UEF administrative coordinators are going through all the applications and verify all completed online applications with regards to the EMJMD eligibility criteria, observation of deadlines and the compliance of all required supporting documents. In particular that the applicant has an approved Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, that the result of the Bachelor’s degree is in accordance with the admission regulations, that the applicants is able to document sufficient knowledge of English and also whether there are any doubts as to the authenticity of the applicant’s documents. Applicants who do not fulfil these formal admission criteria will be marked as not eligible for admission.

Complete eligible applications will be evaluated by IMLEX Academic and Management Board members, grading each criterion for each application. The selection criteria are:

▫ Recognition of home institution/recognized first degree (0 – 10 points)

▫ Rank/grade/distinction (0 – 40 points)

▫ Letters of recommendation (0-10 points)

▫ Personal motivation (0-20 points)

▫ Adequate academic courses, experience, former international mobility (0-20 points)

The final ranking of the applications will be defined in the selection committee meeting. The best 20 applicants according to the ranking list will be selected to the programme and the others will be rejected. The selection result and ranking will be sent to the applicants latest on 31 March 2023.